Executive Blue Inc. is committed to providing exceptional customer care to our clients. We provide state-of-the art furniture, electronics and novelty items at affordable prices. We take the hassle out of searching for the right furniture, electronics, and novelty items for your home or business. View our price comparisons and choose to make your purchases either directly through us or through our direct link to manufacturers.

  Check out some of the products available for bulk or individual purchase


Wine Bottle Holders

Blue Drumstick Pens

Camera Lens Shot Glasses

Dollar Toilet Paper Rolls

Finger Tip Styluses

Fred Stack Doodle Block Crayons

Head Massagers

Crayon stylus

Key Chain Splitter

Indoor Mirror Wipers

Motorcycle Pizza Cutters

Ninja bandages

Christmas Spirit Shot Containers

There are also many more items available.


Executive Blue Inc. specializes in Samsung HDTVs. Our experienced and friendly staff will help you choose the HDTV that is right for you based on viewing distance and optimal screen size. We also provide free TV mounts with paid installation services. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation.